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  • Metaverse, Virtual Reality and Future

    Metaverse, Virtual Reality and Future

    We all love to live in fantasies – Imagine a virtual world to live, work, shop, play, and interact with others, all from the comfort of your couch – the metaverse is here, a simulated, colorful fantasy universe. In the beginning, it was a pure science fiction subject, but with the advancement of technology, especially […]

  • Rise of the Lithium-nations

    Rise of the Lithium-nations

    Lithium, the rare earth metal, is now one of the most important primal matters of the digital industry. This white metal is an essential component of smartphones and modern batteries. The world is getting more anxious about the environment and nations started adapting sustainable electric energy rather than crude oil or fossil fuel sources. The […]

  • COVID-19: Will the Coronavirus kill Globalization?

    COVID-19: Will the Coronavirus kill Globalization?

    During this hard time, almost every business economy and trading sector have been drastically impacted by COVID19. More than a million confirmed cases are reported and the death toll passed 600,00 globally in the first week of April 2020. The virus primarily reported from China, which negatively impacted all the major economies and forecasted the […]

  • Understanding the COVID-19 effect on online shopping

    Understanding the COVID-19 effect on online shopping

    E-Commerce and online shopping are considered being the most significant retail consumer market since the last decade. The e-commerce titans like Amazon and Alibaba manifested a new practice of buying and selling products and services around the globe. The end-users can buy products in several clicks from a broad range of products and different offers […]

  • Digital streaming in the 2020s

    Digital streaming in the 2020s

    How watching TV will change in the 2020s Increasingly, the trend of “cut the cord” is quite prevalent among consumers. Technology and innovation are stirring everyone’s personal – social and professional lives. Digital streaming is the new entertainment media, the over-the-top (OTT) media service; a service offered directly to end-users via the internet which bypasses […]

  • Evolving e-Estonia

    Evolving  e-Estonia

    Estonia – the tiny Baltic nation, home to 1.3 million people has become the leader of the digitized economy and e-governance in the last two decades, 99% of Estonians have access to electronic identification, taxation and almost every other industries are served digitally. The country is moved far ahead in healthcare, public services, transportation, and […]