COVID-19: Now the world may be facing a real fire

COVID-19: Now the world may be facing a real fire

The Coronavirus reported at the end of 2019 which is spreading all over the globe rapidly. The deaths are being reported by all the major nations on every side of the world map. No other disease feared the world like COVID-19 did in the last few decades. The virus, which was first reported in China, affected more than 80,000 people on all continents around the globe except Antarctica. By first of March, more than 2800 people died from COVID, according to the Director General of the WHO (World Health Organisation), Tedras Abdhanom, who said that the world is in a decisive point now, even though the death toll in China is slowing down and it’s rapidly spreading to Iran, Middle East and Europe, especially in Italy. Countries like the United States and Australia also reported COVID.

On 31st December 2019, WHO informed a number of cases of pneumonia as unknown cause detected in Wuhan City, Hubei province of China. Later they observed a new type of Coronavirus in almost that time the virus spread all over the major Chinese cities and provinces. At the beginning stage world outside China doesn’t take many precautions against it, initially it affected the world’s supply chain and caused economic slowdown because of China as the second-largest economy and world’s manufacturing hub. Major world nations took measurement against Chinese travelers, as COVID started to make headlines by China’s 10-day hospital construction; but sooner things went upside down the neighboring countries like Japan and China reported COVID, Japan isolated a cruise ship with more than 700 peoples on board which reported Corona in its passenger.

On February 2nd, 2020, the first death outside of China was reported in the Philippines and the number of affected countries went up including nations South Korea, Italy, and Iran. South Korea has the largest number of affected cases outside China with more than 3500 cases. Italy has the highest risk in Europe with more than 1000 cases, which is more than all the cases combined across Europe. There are 29 people who died in Italy by 1st March 2020. Iran is another nation which is affected by the Coronavirus and they have the highest mortality rate compared to all other nations, where 245 cases were officially reported in Iran alone which caused the death of 54 people. Sources like BBC Persian reported that at least 210 people died from the deadly virus; by reporting cases in Egypt and Brazil all the continents are dragged to the risk of COVID19 virus and total number of affected countries raised to 60 by the first March of 2020.

A pandemic disease is an epidemic of disease that has spread across a large region. The virus spreads all over the continents, WHO stopped short of calling the outbreak a pandemic. According to the New York Times, Dr. Tedros, head of the WHO, doesn’t call it a pandemic because the outbreak can still be contained and tries to avoid unnecessary panic. But if the outbreak reaches a level where it could no longer be controlled, it would move into a pandemic phase, but there is a chance of hope that is still open because of decrease in number of cases reported in china, and the number of people recovering from Coronavirus is increasing in China and India, all the reported cases are cured and in Japan the reported major cases reported in the cruise ship passengers. South Korea, Italy and Iran’s death rates and reports from new countries are raining, but  some experts hoping the northern hemisphere is getting warmer which will help to slow down the spreading of the virus.

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