COVID-19 Vaccines: Success and Challenges

COVID-19 Vaccines: Success and Challenges

Finally the remarkable year 2020 is over…, and now we are witnessing promising announcements on fighting COVID19. As of December 2020 a couple of vaccines gained approval for comprehensive usage. There are 7 vaccines approved to date for their initial usage, and 13 vaccines are in Phase 3 of vaccine development. Modern medicinal science – and vaccine advancement is being considered important geopolitical warfare in the new decade. Vaccine development and research are mounting supremacy in the existing circumstances over any other popular interests. Different election campaigns beyond several states started converging COVID vaccination and its distribution, offering a substantial fraction of vaccines among their people free or subsidized are some of them. Predominant countries like the USA, UK, Russia, and China started vaccination campaigns in 2020. A conventional nation like Saudi Arabia became the first non-Western country to grant full approval to the US vaccine Pfizer, and the interesting fact is UAE’s consent for the Chinese vaccine.

On November 9, 2020, the US-German alliance firm Pfizer BioNtech claimed more than 90% efficacious vaccine with the evidence. The mRNA vaccine with fewer side effects got to trial in volunteers from Argentina, Brazil, and Germany; on assistance to the claim the company got a deal worth 1.9Billion dollars from the USA along with Japan and the EU. The UK became the first western country to provide emergency authorization for a COVID vaccine on December 2, 2020, even though challenges like -70 degree Celsius deep-freezer storages and the logistics, as well as efficient distributions; wealthy nations are already getting on track by providing authorization promptly. As of December 14, 2020, Canada, USA, Mexico, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and UAE gave sanction for different vaccines to dispense. On November 30, 2020, the US firm Moderna registered on road with their mRNA vaccine that has more simple storage requirements with more clear logistics. They are also getting contracts from the USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Qatar.

Russia’s most primal registered vaccine, Sputnik 5 from Gamelia Research Institute claimed their vaccine efficiency followed by Pfizer claimed that this vaccine was registered on August 11, 2020, and completed trials in Belarus, UAE, Venezuela, and India. The fact is that no other countries gave registration for Sputnik 5 as they didn’t publish their findings in an accredited scientific journal globally. Chinese vaccines are further proceeding with the competitive CansinoBIO Adenovirus Vaccine, SINOVAC, and SINOPHARM vaccines, which are Inactive injection vaccines that are getting used in limited use certification in China. The SINOPHARM vaccine is made by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products which was approved by the UAE and Bahrain. SINOPHARM surprised the western world when the world watches the US brands and the UAE who are extremely attached to the US administration grant authorization for a Chinese vaccine.

A number of vaccines are getting ready for Phase 3. Johnson & Johnson and Oxford University-AstraZeneca, two adenovirus vaccines, are also anticipating the market. The SINOPHARM and protein vaccine-like NOVAVAX is on phase 3, also India’s Covaxin an inactivated virus vaccine making confident results. Reports of vaccine development are making a lot of impact on society, the economy, and other major industries, the world is getting better and its healing gradually. We should realize the fact that the vaccine supply, its price, distribution, and the related agreements have a huge influence on diplomacy between nations. Definitely, the manufacturer of the latest vaccine will get a good spot in the race.


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