How far is Islamabad from Kabul?

How far is Islamabad from Kabul?

The Emirate of Afghanistan reestablished, NATO troops in Afghanistan departed before the deadline set by the Taliban. Afghans, the citizens, and people residing there are rushing out. Scenes of Afghans trying to climb on US aircraft persuaded all over the globe. Nations are anticipating developments from the Taliban in their policies and representations. Some countries are seeing this as an opportunity for their interests, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the leading contender.

Taliban-Pakistan friendship is well understood. Pakistan gave all support to the mujahideen groups and the Taliban to form the government in the neighborhood. Pakistan was the only non-Arab country that recognized the Taliban and their ill-famed emirate in 1996-2001. When the United States began its “Operation Enduring Freedom” fighting the Taliban. During this time Pakistan became a shelter and a dispensary for the Taliban. While Pakistan’s enemy India revealed Saudi-funded and Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency controlled Madrasas functioning as incubators for the Taliban, Pakistan remained the United States trusted partner in the region.

The Taliban government brought various advantages for Pakistan: The first and foremost were the geographical advantage. Pakistan can ensure all the benefits of their World’s 6th largest army to the most hostile Indo-Pak border. Previously, governments in Afghanistan followed a warm relationship with India, which was a threat to Pakistan and their malice towards India. Kashmir is one of the biggest concerns between India and Pakistan and Pakistan anticipates all the military and political support of the Taliban in the Kashmir Issue. Kashmir is Pakistan’s new hotspot of operation to spread hatred against India’s government and grow terrorism as the Taliban did against Afghanistan and Pakistan backed it. Developing Islamic extremist militants to fight against the non-Islamic government – Pakistan hopes they can elaborate Kashmir as a Muslim issue to at least the Muslim World.

Populism is another principal reason for Pak’s fondness towards the Taliban. Cherishing the Islamist government in Afghanistan by uprooting liberals is considered a notable accomplishment of Pakistan’s politics. Pakistan believes this will help their popularity as the protector of Islam. It’s crucial for a vulnerable republic like Pakistan because they were always under the intimidation of military, intelligence, and religion. Besides that sponsoring a Pashtun majority organization like the Taliban can demand internal Pashtun support who is the second major ethnic group in Pakistan.

Experts have a different opinion; they assume the early days of the Taliban will decide the future of the “Islamic Republic” of Pakistan. Pakistan is also a busted state with a lot of domestic issues, there are several challenges to the current government to be resolved. If the new Taliban rule sustained its early concerns, it would influence Pakistan too. Although the republic already has strict blasphemy laws and a judiciary that has close ties with Islamists, many groups are demanding the replacement of the republic with a more strict Sharia law state. “Tehrik-i-Taliban”, which is also known as “Pak Taliban” is one of them.

“Afghan Taliban is good, Pak Taliban is bad ” is the strategy formed by the Pakistan administration to date, but the success of the Afghan Taliban will provide immense support for the Pakistan Taliban too. The world must start to worry about the circumstances of handling the nuclear weapons of Pakistan by radical organizations. For at least now, “Pak Taliban” is not considered a threat to the official Pakistan government by experts. There will be an Islamic Emirate of Pakistan or the United Emirate of Pakistan and Afghanistan in the future, which will be a big concern for humanity. It’s a fact that the fate of the “Islamic Republic” of Pakistan will tie with the Success of the Emirate.

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