India and professional sports leagues from the United States

India and professional sports leagues from the United States

We hear the million-dollar transfer news and drafts in the sports industry each year. The globalization and internet revolution has made the business big and investment in sports is also going up. Sports is an industry that has hugely benefited from open market systems besides stadium revenue and sponsorship, television rights, digital platform rights and other modes of income are also evolved. Major sports leagues benefited immensely from this, and professional sports leagues have entered into many international markets. American sports leagues have a market worldwide but in India, as a market that accommodates various entertainment and sports the U.S Sports League, has failed. Why’s that happening? let’s check this out;

When we are taking a list of most grossing sports leagues, the U.S Sports League’s National Football League (N.F.L), Major League Baseball (M.L.B), National Basketball Association (N.B.A) and the National Hockey League (N.H.L) are in the top 10 list for many years. But besides the N.B.A, no other leagues have streamed nor made their presence in India. These leagues are rich and well marketed in other Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea in the last few years, also they are building a better presence in China but in India, they still seem struggling to make an entry. While other European football or soccer leagues like English Premier League, La Liga from Spain and Italian Serie A are making a huge impact on Indian sports lovers and making a strong viewership in India.

In India, cricket is the most dominating game across the nation whereas no other game has much popularity as cricket and, the Indian national cricket team is one of the top-performing teams in the game which made a lot of achievements from interstate world records to World cup victory. The Indian Premier League, a professionalized cricket league inspired by various sports leagues from Europe and North America, has the highest revenue and viewership in the nation. Indigenous sports like Kabbadi, Hockey and Football also have large viewership in India, but in case of American Football, Rugby, Baseball and Ice Hockey are still completely strange to the nation, and India has not made any major setbacks in any of these sports, lack of telecast, sport academies, and poor marketing, promotions are also considered the biggest setback for the leagues.

The N.B.A has better coverage and promotion than other U.S leagues; their matches are telecast in India by Sony Pictures Network and they are initiating basketball campaigns in schools and the campus of India. In May 2017 NBA launched an NBA academy in India and in October 2019 two NBA teams, the Sacramento Kings and the Indiana Pacers played two pre-season games in Mumbai. The Indian government is concentrating more on multi-sports development, the step-by-step adaptation of international sports into Indian youth and sports lovers like the acceptance of N.B.A league.


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