Resurgence and Illusions, U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Resurgence and Illusions, U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Taliban, the Islamic extremist organization, is on its way to Kabul. After the withdrawal of the US official, the Afghan government is astounded by seeing the rush of the Taliban to power. Taliban claims 80% of the country is already under their control, and now only a few cities are under the administration of the Afghan government. Mountain passes, which are the significant navigable routes for a landlocked country, are controlled by the Taliban for a long time. Politicians around the globe are expecting the re-establishment of the Afghan emirate. While the fleeing of Afghan people from the country is continuous, we are checking how new Afghanistan will influence the world?

An accomplished mission, surrender, or a betrayal? You could choose any of these if you asked about the departure of the United States from Afghanistan. After two decades of war, the United States packed their bags from Afghanistan. The United States was on a counterinsurgency mission for their 9/11 tragedy, they wanted to annihilate Osama bin Laden and made it. Some critics believe that the United States surrendered after a prolonged battle and they failed to defeat the Taliban. This is the reason they withdrew their troops to avoid further declines. To the official Afghan government, this withdrawal was none other than a betrayal. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani mentioned departure was too sudden even though the action began long back from the Obama administration. But undoubtedly, the US quit making so defenseless the official Afghan administration.

The landlocked mountainous country became a vital geographical location for the US after the Soviet invasion. Later, funding of Taliban, support for Emirates, inversion of Taliban principles/policies, and the invasion of the US to Emirate all are now history; however, since the war stretched long the losses made were colossal. The Arab countries greatest patron, former president Trump, was involved in talks and was able to bring the Taliban to the table with the help of Qatar. During those meetings, the terms and requirements were unclear, but it was clear that the US abandoned the official Afghan government shortly after the Taliban regained its strength. Biden officially announced the complete withdrawal of force before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, even if the Taliban are making progress and capturing more land day-by-day. The United States’ future relationship with the official government and Emirate will seem to be interesting.

China, the new superpower, and its desires have a huge impact on the world. China conducted an official talk with the Taliban delegates and their foreign minister Wang Yi in Beijing. That was the first time a non-Muslim country welcome Taliban officials for a diplomatic conversation after the departure of the US from Afghanistan. While the Uyghur problem was elevated by western media, and exhibiting China as an anti-Islamic nation, it is paradoxical yet true to say a militant organization like the Taliban is shaping diplomatic relations with them. China fears the small border with Afghanistan can be used by separate militants of the Xinjiang area, and they expect Afghanistan’s mines to connect in the silk route project. With the help of their key ally in the region, Pakistan China anticipates a good relationship with the Taliban.

Russia, Iran, and Turkey are other important members of the region. Russia was not interested in NATO in the field, and they always blamed the US for the Taliban. In addition to old Soviet glory, they still have their political policies of former Soviet republics which share a border with Afghanistan like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The political and religious transformation in Afghanistan matters for Russia. Iran doesn’t like the presence of the US in the region, but they consider the Sunni extremist Taliban government to be a threat to the Shia minority of Afghanistan. Turkey holds a large number of Afghan refugees; even though Turkey and Afghanistan both uphold historic, religious connections and love each other because of a broken economy, they can’t do much in the region. Already a Turkish populist leader commented that this country is not a dumping ground, and they are clearly disturbed about the increased number of refugees.

Pakistan and India’s nuclear powers in the neighborhood, are thoroughly watching the progress and disturbances of the region. Pakistan always supported the Taliban even though their government openly denied they believe their Pashtun neighbors will help them in their issues with India. The Hindu nationalist government in India has several obstacles before formulating its strategies for the Taliban, like its influence on the Muslim population and the Kashmir issue. Considering all, how many days official Afghan forces keep their cities will decide if it’s a mistake or great peace work done by the withdrawal of the USA from Afghanistan.

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