Ukraine tensions

Ukraine tensions

Russia is big; with 11-time zones and nearly 60,000km borderline Russia has the lengthiest borderline that stretches into two continents. Russia has one of the most consolidated administrations to maintain such a mammoth and diverse country. Speaking of diversity, safeguarding the motherland from western influence always became a hefty chore for the Kremlin since the fall of the USSR.

Currently, Russia and the western conflict has become a huge fuss in international geopolitics since the Cuban missile crisis. Western media are accusing Russian imperialist cravings and Putin’s mentality behind their movement to the Ukraine border. 

In reality, what’s driving Russia’s expansion plan?

The expansion of the European Union and NATO has become a consequential threat for Russia. The development of Western influence in the Soviet sphere will question Russia’s power politics, even Russian domestic politics. Except for Belarus and Ukraine, former western Soviet S.S.Rs have become European Union members. The social, economic, political  “fruitfulness”  of former S.S.R. and Euro-affiliated countries undoubtedly started altering the perspectives of Belorussians and Ukrainians. We witnessed how the protest in Belarus against their dictator slowly turned to the fondness of Europe and hatred towards Russia.

The oversight of the black sea is crucial for Russians; It is the only non-freezing doorway for Russia. More areas at the black sea will support them militarily and financially. 

The Russian media are emphasizing the history of the current Ukraine. Present Ukraine was formed during the Soviet era by annexing “Novo Russia” the southern-eastern part of modern Ukraine and the former Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. There is an evident difference between western and eastern Ukraine. The West carries a more Europhilic and Ukrainian national identity whereas, the east is more Russian than the west. Although, the perspectives countered in 30 years of independent Ukraine. If Novo Russia gets back to Russia, that will be a massive advantage for the Russians, geographically and emotionally.

By 2014 things began getting tough for Russia as the United States started taking more interest in holding onto their allies and preventing the formation of alternatives. The United States showed generous attention and made forewarning against imperialist Russia. Former Soviet republics like Poland hinted at assists to Ukraine. As Ukraine officials say, Washington and the West are exaggerating the scene and Putin will not show off aggressiveness by neglecting all sanctions risks. Globalization and modernization made the world multi polar: China, India, Independent Europe, Ottoman Turkey, Poland are now more designed and liberal in foreign diplomacy. So both Russia and the US are responsible to prove their standing.


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