Why is Africa in the next superpower spotlight?

Why is Africa in the next superpower spotlight?

In recent days, we are hearing about the protests of the African diaspora from all around the globe. The death of George Floyd made a huge impact on United States politics,  racism is not brand-new or it is not only black people’s problem. Society often acts tough against black people, even murders and cruelties occurred during the movement of people from Africa. In the 21st century, all these pains are resuming as people are taking crucial chances to immigrate to Europe and the United States. Countries in Asia that were liberated from the European rule at the same time Africa did show outstanding growth – India, South Korea, Malaysia are some of the examples of this. Where do the African states are failing? Why can’t Africa offer a superpower nation?

The kingdoms of Egypt and Ethiopia have a significant role in human evolution. In medieval times, Africa crossed through struggles like conflicts between tribes, lack of great rulers, the tough life along with frequent diseases, animal population, and lack of agriculture. The biggest business was the slave trade, agreements between the states made this huge, and slaves were shipped through African ports. When the Europeans arrived they followed the trade and started seizing the land. In the 18th century, Africa became a distributed land of European colonial powers, where resources were utilized by the invaders and inhabitants became slaves and shipped to America and Europe. Several African nations are rich in resources, but they are unable to make use of them due to political issues and inadequate investments. When Africa reaches the 21st century, nations are replenished with the youth population with cravings of the new era.

The representation of efficient leaders and availability for higher education increased, as a result of these changes many African countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Botswana, and South Africa reported definite growth in economy and harmony compared to many Asian and Latin American countries. Trade and investments are developing, countries like Gabon and Rwanda made significant progress in the global business index in recent times. When the environment started to develop many business groups commenced investing in Africa. Countries like China, United States, India began investing in Africa. The need for prominent GDP in Africa is growing, it is because of the dividing of African states.  They are realizing this problem and started to form alliances like the East African Federation Maghreb Union which is similar to the United States of America and India. If this alliance becomes prosperous it will accompany various other nations as they know the price of the split. Africa foreseeing a general internal market, common currency, and religious balance by the union and significantly enhanced global role.

Many political and economical experts accept that the current century Africa is more relevant as factors like rising of the younger population, low-cost sourcing, improved productivity, and infrastructure; these factors will have a notable impact on the African economy. Many aspects are changing with infrastructure development, larger townships are developing as big consumer markets are evolving. Challenges of Chinese debts, the chance of new-age cold war, political combat of superpowers, and the growing young population are yet to resolve effectively

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