How Japan’s Decline Will Impact Asia?

How Japan’s Decline Will Impact Asia?

Japan’s historical prominence in Asia faces economic decline, impacting global standings and geopolitical dynamics, with implications for regional alliances.

What will be the future of IKN after Jokowi?


Indonesia’s new capital project, relocating from Jakarta to Nusantara, faces scrutiny and differing views among presidential candidates, impacting the ambitious $35 billion initiative’s future and economic prospects.

Indonesia’s Rohingya Problem: An Analysis


Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country, grapples with rising anti-Rohingya sentiments fueled by misinformation on social media, challenging efforts to aid refugees amid domestic concerns.

Diplomacy in Harmony: Malaysia and Indonesia’s Joint Border Resolutions


Malaysia and Indonesia make strides in resolving long-standing land disputes, aiming for unity against external pressures, especially China. Key progress includes plans to conclude border negotiations by year-end, addressing challenges with a neighborly approach, and acknowledging the urgency amid China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea.

Padu is Live: Possibilities and Precautions


Malaysia’s Padu, a central database hub, aims to optimize subsidy distribution and enhance governance through data-driven decision-making. However, security concerns persist following recent cyber attacks, prompting calls for registration suspension.

Laos as ASEAN Chair: Challenges and Opportunities


Laos faces skepticism as it assumes ASEAN chairmanship amidst economic challenges. Questions arise about its ability to lead amid global issues, including the Myanmar crisis and South China Sea tensions.