Elections 2024

The Power Play: A Closer Look at Pakistan General Election 2024


Pakistan faces a pivotal moment with complex challenges—poverty, inflation, corruption—while preparing for crucial February 8 elections. Key contenders: PML-N led by Nawaz Sharif and PPP led by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Military influence and geopolitical shifts add uncertainty to the nation’s future.

All Eyes on Sabah: Sabah to Test Out New Political Alliances


Speculation surrounds an early state election in Sabah, with the ruling GRS coalition considering leveraging its strengthened position and alliances before the Opposition organizes, despite the mandate until 2025. Analysts warn of risks amid internal tensions and advise caution in the face of potential losses.

What does Taiwan’s General Election mean for South East Asia?


Taiwan’s recent presidential election saw Lai Ching-te of the DPP secure a historic third term, but the party lost its legislative majority. The outcome raises concerns over Sino-U.S. relations, with Southeast Asian nations navigating delicate diplomatic challenges amidst potential regional security shifts.