All Eyes on Sabah: Sabah to Test Out New Political Alliances

Speculation surrounds an early state election in Sabah, with the ruling GRS coalition considering leveraging its strengthened position and alliances before the Opposition organizes, despite the mandate until 2025. Analysts warn of risks amid internal tensions and advise caution in the face of potential losses.

What will be the future of IKN after Jokowi?

Indonesia's new capital project, relocating from Jakarta to Nusantara, faces scrutiny and differing views among presidential candidates, impacting the ambitious $35 billion initiative's future and economic prospects.

Indonesia’s Rohingya Problem: An Analysis

Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country, grapples with rising anti-Rohingya sentiments fueled by misinformation on social media, challenging efforts to aid refugees amid domestic concerns.

What does Taiwan’s General Election mean for South East Asia?

Taiwan's recent presidential election saw Lai Ching-te of the DPP secure a historic third term, but the party lost its legislative majority. The outcome raises concerns over Sino-U.S. relations, with Southeast Asian nations navigating delicate diplomatic challenges amidst potential regional security shifts.

Bridging Economies: Malaysia-Singapore Improves Economic Co-Operation

Malaysia and Singapore collaborate on a Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone (JS-SEZ) to boost cross-border trade, investment, and people's movement. The initiative includes passport-free passage and renewable energy cooperation, aiming to create a business-friendly environment. The completion of a new light rail transit system connecting Johor Bahru and Singapore is also underway, expected to ease traffic on the Johor-Singapore Causeway.

Diplomacy in Harmony: Malaysia and Indonesia’s Joint Border Resolutions

Malaysia and Indonesia make strides in resolving long-standing land disputes, aiming for unity against external pressures, especially China. Key progress includes plans to conclude border negotiations by year-end, addressing challenges with a neighborly approach, and acknowledging the urgency amid China's assertiveness in the South China Sea.

The Red Sea Conflict: What Ahead of Singapore?

Ongoing Houthi attacks in the Red Sea jeopardize global trade, affecting Singapore's vital shipping industry. Operation Prosperity Guardian responds, while Singapore faces disruptions and potential economic repercussions.